1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda The AAR Cuda was named after Dan Gurney's All American Racers and was Plymouths entry into the Trans Am racing series in the States. There were 2,724 AAR Cudas built during a five week period between the 10th of March and the 17th of April 1970.

AAR Cuda Brooklands 2013

Special features on the AAR included, a 340 6 barrel engine, heavy duty suspension with front and rear sway bars, an exhaust system that exited in front of the rear tyres, 15 inch rallye wheels with F60 tyres on the front and larger G60 tyres on the rear, front and rear spoilers, fresh air fibreglass hood and a unique strobe stripe package.

According to the AAR Registry - of the over 1600 AAR’s registered there are 39 TX9 and of those 12 have a white interior - thanks to Jeff for the info. It is also one of the 1,614 AARs equipped with the Torqueflite 727 automatic trans. Photographed at Mopar at Brooklands 2013.