1964 Ford Falcon The Ford Falcon was produced from 1960 to 1970, and was part of an effort by the big three American motor manufacturers (Ford, GM and Chrysler) to produce a “compact” car for the domestic market. The Falcon eventually became available in a range of body styles - 2/4 door sedan, 3/5 door station wagon, 2 door hardtop/convertible and 2 door sedan and coupe utility variants..

1964 Ford Falcon

There were also a range of engine variants - 144 ci, 170 ci and 260 ci; 1963½ was the only time you could get a V8 or a convertible option in the fist generation Falcons. In 1964 a new look was introduced along with the Sprint package which gave the Falcon the 260 ci V8, stiffer suspension and a louder exhaust (aiming at the youth market), however the Ford Mustang (based on many Falcon parts) had the same options for a small amount more and the Falcon sales suffered. Even with the addition of the 289 ci V8 in late 1964 the Falcon was overshadowed by the Mustang and the Sprint was discontinued in 1965.

This particular car is owned by Julian Balme and is a 1964 Falcon Sprint with the 289 ci V8, (4.7l) and is a lightweight version built to the FIA Appendix K specifications, regularly taking part in historic race meetings across Britain and Europe. The car has also featured regularly in Classic and Sports Car magazine and took part in the Shelby Cup at the Goodwood Revival in September 2014.