1968 Plymouth GTX Hemi convertible The Plymouth GTX was introduced as the Belvedere GTX in 1967 by the Plymouth division to be a "gentleman's" muscle car. In 1968, after one year of production, the GTX was given a completely new look and new hourglass body replaced the more box-like body of 1967.

1968 Plymouth GTX Hemi convertible

It shared many of the same mechanics as the Plymouth Road Runner, an economical, performance machine. The TorqueFlite automatic gearbox was standard but could be replaced with a four-speed manual at no-cost. Only 450 GTX's were ordered with the Hemi option, costing the $564 over the base $3355 price.

This particular car has the 426 ci Hemi engine and 727 H.D. Automatic transmission and was part of the Otis Chandler collection (the car also featured in the book American Musclecar). It is one of the 36 US ordered and built 1968 Hemi GTX convertibles and is fully documented.