1966 Hemi Dodge Coronet After brief absence, the Coronet name was attached to the former full-size models in 1965 to become Dodge's intermediate-sized car. The 1965 models were basically refreshed Dodge Polaras in the same B-body style offered in 1963 and 1964, riding on a 117” wheelbase.

1966 Hemi Dodge Coronet

The Coronet received a major redesign in 1966 and the engine line-up received a new addition - the 426-ci Street Hemi V-8, equipped with dual four-barrel carburetors and solid lifters. The Hemi delivered 0-60 mph in 6.1 seconds and a quarter-mile run in 14.5 seconds. Under the hood, the Street Hemi bore a strong resemblance with the racing version of the 426 Hemi introduced in 1964, it still produced 425-horsepower but slight changes made it more tractable for the street and it now had cast-iron cylinder heads. Additionally, the compression ratio was reduced to 10.25:1, the intake and exhaust manifolds were revised and the solid-lifter cam was tamed a bit. This turned the Hemi Coronet into an ideal “sleeper” car for street racing with it’s straight looks and discrete Hemi badging. Any Coronet could be ordered with a Hemi engine, though less than 750 were built in 1966 including 27 convertibles, 49 two door sedans and amazingly only 2 four door sedans

This particular car is a survivor Hemi Coronet Deluxe 2 door sedan (one of 49 built) with a 4 speed manual transmission and a scheduled build date of 2nd February 1966, it was originally sold by King Dodge in Minneapolis and is very well documented, including CertiCard and broadcast sheet (decoded by Galen Govier). This “straight-looking” vehicle is still capable of surprising other unsuspecting drivers at the lights!.

There's a short video shot while we were out for a drive here