HSCC meeting Brands Hatch 2-3 July 2016

The Historic Sports Car Club’s meeting at Brands Hatch on July2nd/3rd is one of their flagship meetings, held as it is on the matchless Grand Prix circuit. This year it was rather grandly billed as ‘Legends of Brands Hatch’, for which the Chev Camaro qualifies even if the driver doesn’t. Many thanks to Jeff Bloxham for the fantastic photgraphs (obviously copyright is his).

Nick Savage Brands Hatch July 2016

Fifteen minutes of Qualifying time only allows for 7 laps at most and 12th on the grid of 26 cars. The 20-min Race was altogether more entertaining : the driver of a recently-purchased and very quick Ginetta bogged down when the red lights went out and the rest of the cars had to barge past in some disarray. The grid made the normal disorderly approach into Druids, just fumbling for the apex, when the now-revived Ginetta speared out of nowhere into the melee, going at twice the speed of everyone else, all four wheels locked up and billowing smoke. The surrounding cars scattered like seagulls and - for the second time in less than one mile - managed phenomenal avoidance around the Ginetta. Ginettas ! keep practising your starts !

Nick Savage Castle Combe April 2016

The rest of the race was endless fun and nip-and-tuck, with the Camaro successfully fending off a Turner for the next 11 laps. Happily, the GP track has plenty of fast bits where the 6.7 litres can stretch their legs even if braking does put the car at a little disadvantage. As the Turner would sneak up the inside on a bend, disappearing from view, so firm application of the throttle would see the little blue car re-appear getting smaller in the driver’s mirror.

Nick Savage Brands Hatch July 2016

At the chequered flag, the Camaro placed 9th with a creditable 1.54 best lap time. Next - off to Croft, near Darlington on August 6th/7th - I am saving up for Chevy’s fuel for the 500+ mile round trip….

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