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We've had a huge variety of cars in and out of our workshop over the years - these are some of the projects we're currently working on.

1972 Bolwell Nagari Racecar

The Bolwell Nagari is a sports car produced by Bolwell in Australia. The original Mk VIII Nagari was built from 1970 to 1974

1972 Bolwell Nagari 1972 Bolwell Nagari

Nagari is an aboriginal word meaning "flowing," and the Bolwell Nagari, also known as the Mk VIII, was the company's first full production sports car with 100 coupes and 18 convertibles made.

The Nagari featured a Ford 302 or 351 cubic inch V8 engine (this one's a 302 with a 4 speed toploader gearbox) mounted in a 920 kg (2,028 lb), 2,280 mm (89.8 in) wheelbase body and backbone chassis. Other components came from Ford (suspension and dampers) and Austin 1800 (steering). This car's engine has been refitted after a complete rebuild (from seized) with a view to getting this racecar back onto the track where it belongs! There's a lot of bits in a gearbox!!

1972 Bolwell Nagari 1972 Bolwell Nagari

1970 Plymouth Hemi'Cuda convertible clone

The 1970 Cuda covertible clone is in for the final touches after fitting the Hemi engine, changing the carbs and fitting the Shaker hood assembly.

1970 Cuda Hemi engine in 1970 Cuda Hemi engine in